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The Utility Superintendent plays a crucial role in overseeing, executing, and coordinating the daily operations and maintenance of vital infrastructure within the Lodgepole community. This encompasses a wide range of responsibilities including managing water and sewer systems, electrical systems, streets, storm drainage, sanitation, parks, public buildings, vehicles, and equipment.

Key duties of this position include:

– Managing and maintaining electrical, water, and sewer systems
– Conducting utility readings
– Overseeing sanitation services
– Supervising road and street maintenance activities
– Ensuring the upkeep and maintenance of the recycling facility, parks, village properties, and buildings
– Responsible for maintaining all vehicles, equipment, and tools, while also keeping accurate records for annual reporting purposes
– Handling various administrative tasks to support efficient operations

The Utility Superintendent collaborates closely with and operates under the supervision of the Lodgepole Village Board of Trustees.

The Village of Lodgepole is an equal opportunity employer.

Library Internships Available

The library is currently accepting applications from high school or college students interested in a paid summer internship for the months of June and July 2024. To apply, please submit a letter of interest and place it in the library drop box.

Village Board of Trustees

There are 3 seats on the Village of Board of Trustees up for election on this year’s ballot for the 2024-2028 term. The seats for election are: RJ Savely, Gwen Devie and Sam Cheramie.

Village Board of Trustees are considered, “Low Office” and will not be on the primary ballot, only on the ballot in November. To be on the November ballot, any incumbent must file between January 5, 2024-July 15, 2024. Any non-incumbent must file between January 5, 2024-August 1, 2024.
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You can also contact the Cheyenne County Clerk, Beth Fiegenschuh, 308-254-2141 for further information.
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